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I AM FOREVER YOURS: Joel and Eloisa’s Wedding

It was Joel’s father who introduced Eloisa to him one afternoon when Joel was just watching TV and enjoying his vacation in the Philippines as he works abroad.

He and she met very quickly and were a bit awkward because they felt like teenagers being introduced to one another. When she went home, Joel realized he wasn’t able to get her number and so that night while having dinner he asked his father to help him get it. Well, he succeeded, he was able to contact her but she gave no reply so he assumed that she has no interest at all.


The day after, he was surprised when she replied asking who sent the message to her. Then, the rest of exchanging messages overtime made their feelings developed even more.

When Joel came back to Canada to work he realized how he truly missed Eloisa. He went ahead and made a decision to marry her. He bought an engagement ring and proposed. She said yes!


He came back to the Philippines to formally ask for her hand and talked to her parents. They planned the wedding before he went back to Canada. When he returned they tied the knot.

When’s their wedding date?


It was just last October 26, 2017 at Nuestra Seniora Parish Church and the reception was held at Jardin de Juana.

The wedding itself were coordinated by Your Heiress Events Management and hosted by John Erik Reyes. Styled and catered by Alma San Pedro’s Catering.





**more pictures and details on: http://www.facebook.com/yheiressmgt

**photos captured by Rickson Flores (RF Photography)