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When Things Get Rough: HOW DO YOU LIVE BRAVELY?

This question is really difficult to answer especially if you are in a very bad situation.

Like you are already drowning or your world is just falling apart and that, all you can do is just cry like baby over spilled milk. Truth is, nothing will ever change and will make you feel worse.

Well, I am no expert regarding this matter but let’s just say I have experiences just like you. Shit happens every now and then…I get upset and depressed when things do not really work out the way how they should be or how I planned it.  Then, I started hating the people around me because they can’t do anything to rectify the situation. (Hell, yeah beast mode on)

Pressures may arise up to the max but easier said than done, never quit even if you feel like quitting. Just close your eyes– kneel down and pray for the situation to end and for it to change for the better. Do what you got to do and let God be your source of courage. Let him shower you with wisdom to find a better solution.

As silly as it may sound but I do whisper…”Things will get better, things will be better…” when I want to invite positive energy before I start my day. It’s not magic but it can lessen the burden in your heart and let you breathe some air.

Remember, positive thoughts can make positive results.

Let this situation make you more mature and closer to God.

Amen to that!