How to Deal with your Wedding Guest Lists

Let’s admit that amongst the wedding planning process the preparation of the guest list is a “nightmare” no matter how you as a couple were knit together. What’s more is that your parents have invited a lot of people you two barely knew.

Here’s how to deal with your qualms:

  1. Create an ABC list. The A list will include the bride’s guests including her family. The B list will be the groom’s while the C list will be for the couple’s favorite people. From here, you can somehow see who to skip and who to keep. Keep in mind your target number of guests, the capacity of the venue and your cash. As they say, you should invite approximately 10% more of your target guests, since between 10 and 20 percent of those invited will decline. If more people declined than what is expected, then perhaps it’s time to include the people you have skipped within a reasonable time to prevent dramas from happening when you invite them.
  2. Maternal-Paternal Controls. Your parents and future in-laws have an idea for sure whom to invite on your wedding. Their compadres and comadres will be part of your wedding guest list even if you two do not know them at all. Probably they couldn’t be happier and would like to share the precious moment with their circle of friends too. I know how stressful it is especially when you two are footing the bill. If this will be the case, you may want to set only a number of guests for each. Make them feel that you have a certain budget and you can’t accommodate everyone as much as you want to. In any case that they will help you with the bill, no questions asked. Let it be done!
  3. Children. You don’t want to see kids running around while the two of you are cutting the cake and having a toast while the video’s on, do you? If your guests will create a ‘hoo-ha’ that they won’t go to your wedding without their kids perhaps express regrets and make them understand that it will be unfair to others if you will say yes to them. Unless the children are wedding participants then they are an exception.
  4. Colleagues. Choose only the closest and for the bosses, choose who you work with most of the time. If they decline just say thank you.
  5. Consider a Destination Wedding. If you really want to keep it very intimate and you want it small. It will filter your guest lists pretty well.

These are some suggestions you may consider and do remember your wedding is the most important event in your lives. Of course, you want to share it with the people you love and not a mere stranger.


Good Luck!




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