Event Management Company Be Like

These days you can see online that there are a huge number of event coordinators and or companies almost everywhere. Starting from the pro and down to amateurs and almost everyone claims they are the best. True enough, it’s really hard to find who is telling the truth.

The best place to begin with is to talk to former clients or check the reviews of the event company you are eyeing for. This will be fair enough to gauge if they really suit your liking.

Here are some tips that you may want to consider in choosing the ONE for you:

  1. Excellent time management. This plays a big role when it comes to producing successful events. Delays can be a major disaster to your timetable and event. You may want to ask them how and what kind of time management system they use to stay on track of everything.
  2. Passion. Remember time management can be taught but not passion. Look for a company who is passionate in what they do and what type of event they specialize. Although it’s very unlikely that a company that has no passion can produce great events.
  3. Approachable.You don’t want to deal with intimidating events manager of course and does not have any charisma when talking to you (I don’t want that either!). To certain extent, you can easily judge if the one that you’re talking to is truly annoying and has no people skills at all.
  4. Resourcefulness/Flexibility. There should always be Plan B after Plan A. The question here is can they easily come up with another plan under pressure and stay calm? You may want to ask the event manager yourself. It’s definitely, okay.
  5. Works within your budget and provides great alternatives/deals. The best event company can always find options for you not over charge you for something that you don’t need.
  6. Industry expertise. Someone can simply say ‘I can plan and organize your event because I got married and I did it myself’ for example. Yes, probably he/she can but one event is always different from another. Of course, you want someone who can be trusted and is indeed knowledgeable in what they do not just a so-so or because that person is a relative or a friend. 😉
  7. It’s always and forever a TEAM. Keep in mind that organizing an event is a team game. Know who the event manager solely for your event is and who reports to her. Get as much information as you can about the people involved in organizing your event.
  8. Legality of the business. You want your money safe choose the one who can provide official receipts or has business permits (DTI, Barangay Clearance, Business Permit and BIR). These are a must especially if the so-called company has an office regardless how big or small the space is. Never deal with a ‘bogus event company or just a junkie’.


Finding the right event company is the paramount of a successful event plus it’s always a good feeling to be able to work well and establish a wonderful relationship with your event manager.

Take time and make a little research. Choose someone who can assist you with everything that you need.



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