Dandy Temporosa: A Gem behind the Sewing Machine

Devoid of luxury and material things, he started using the sewing machine at an early age. He would make his own outfits or daisy duke shorts (short shorts) from old blankets and fabrics even bags when he was in high school.


Passionate with creating masterpieces from strips of cloths and rags using the sewing machine he wasn’t fortunate enough to take the course he wanted just like anybody else struggling with unstable finances growing up but wanted to study. He chose BS Tourism instead and studied at Polytechnic University of the Philippines, not Fashion Design.

Being a person with indomitable spirit, he took a vocational course in Fashion Design after Tourism. Thereupon, he was able to share his talent and started running his own business. However, it came to a close after a few months due to the road widening project in his city.




Living his dream in his own right, he chose to work in a call center while doing what he loves and managed his time pretty well making sure that he won’t leave his clients behind. Because of his commitment, great tastes in fashion and bright ideas, fate called him to resign in the BPO industry. He is currently working as a full time couturier.




Get to know more about him and his works on FB: www.facebook.com/dandytemporosacouture


He is also Your Heiress Events Management’s supplier and couturier of made to order gowns for weddings, debut and other special occasions.


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