Elegant at Eighty: Nanay Odeng’s Surprise Party

Eudosia most popularly called as “Nanay Odeng” a retired music teacher celebrated her 80th birthday last April 1st 2017 which was her exact birth date.  Her closest relatives and friends gathered altogether on this day to be with her. She had no idea that the supposedly debut party that she’ll be attending to was hers.


She was shocked when she entered the hall and realized that it was her own birthday surprise and not somebody else’s. Much to her delight she danced in front of her birthday cake while everyone sang happy birthday. She had her 6 red roses dance with the boys in the family. There’s also a fun trivia about her in exchange for every correct answer was a gift from the celebrator.




A month of secretly working on her event was all worth it for it was beautifully done and the surprise worked quite well.


Thank you for having us Nanay Odeng and may you live a healthy longer life. Continue to bring joy to other people’s hearts. Stay cool and fab! To Ms. Honey, thanks for choosing Your Heiress Events Management. Until next time!


Shout out to: Jacobe Soledad Garden Events Place and Catering in Obando, Bulacan.


Make your surprise party even better, call us: 0917 127 0647/ 0929 307 7591/0933 349 4167 (fb: http://www.facebook.com/ywheiress)



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