The Weddings of March

March has been known to be as fire prevention and graduation month. However for us, wedding bells were louder than sirens and alma mater medleys. Here are our on-the-day weddings for the month of March 2017.

Wycoco-Feliciano Nuptial
Evan is an only child and happens to be working abroad. He met Dan when they’re kids and knew each other for quite some time. A few years after they met but this time it became more than what everyone expected. Despite being in a long distance relationship (LDR) they have overcome almost everything and the relationship grew even stronger. Dan is a doctor while Evan is a nurse.
Love knows no distance for them. Last March 6, 2017 they became one.
Best wishes still and may you have more babies.

**with John Erick Reyes (wedding host)

Grande – Ariño Wedding
Both Engineers they met in Batangas while working on a project for their company. Aiza is from Nueva Ecija while Joshua is from Bataan. Their love from each other gets stronger every day and in the end love still won. They tied the knot last March 11, 2017. The wedding ceremony was done in Barasoain Church to make it even more historical while the reception followed after in Barcie Hotel.


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