January OTD (On-The-Day) Weddings

Jao loves Lyra

I met Chef Jao and Lyra a few days before their wedding through Ariel of Alma San Pedro’s Catering Services. It was a quick meeting as to how we will execute their wedding from preparations, church and down to the reception proper.

Itinerary from the start until the end were followed with no dramas. Thanks to the suppliers who helped us in making their dream wedding perfect!




Jay loves Rhonheart

All the way from Singapore, these lovelies decided to flew back to the Philippines to wed. Their guests were around 250 and everybody’s pretty much excited to witness the joyous moment. The happiest part: the guests stayed until the end of the program and watched a short fireworks display before heading home.



Shunsuke loves Natsumi

Shunsuke is half Filipino and half Japanese while Natsumi is a pure Japanese. Discovering what it feels like to be home and understanding the Filipino culture our couple decided to marry for the second time around in the Philippines. Wedding ceremony and reception were held in Barcie Hotel last January 28, 2017. Nonetheless, Omedetogozaimasu Mr and Mrs.


Joint forces of:


More pictures on: http://www.facebook.com/ywheiress


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