Her Story Just Begun: Donna B and Makeup Artistry

A sure-fire make up guru of today’s generation is how to best describe her. Donnabelle Bata-Aquino or most popularly known as Donna B is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management in FEU and Master in Business Administration in UST.

She had worked for 6 years as an Account Manager in a well-known company but then later on has decided to have her own restaurant business after her husband died to support her child.  However, while running her own business, she have met struggles along the way and realized how demanding the job is. Depressed and ashamed of her failure, she had to find another way to make things work.  It was then during her lonesome time when she had a chance to have a glimpse of Bo Sanchez’s book entitled: How to turn your Passion into Profit which made her realize what she might be very good at—-makeup.

She confessed how she was mad about make up palettes over Barbie dolls as a young girl and how stunned she was during make up tutorials. Having said that, she has found herself enrolling at Tony Galvez School of Cosmetology soon-after to fulfill her dreams and become a certified makeup artist and acknowledged the fact that restaurant management wasn’t meant to be.


Her strong faith in God and high spirit kept her going. She was able to get a good profit and with great delight she took another course in HD make up Academy and Studio to specialize High Definition make up for bridal and fashion. Her mentors were Jeave Gabiana and Stef Chua, both Hollywood and Singapore trained conventional and airbrush makeup artists. Truly inspired by her mentors, she did not stop cultivating her skills and took another course in hairstyling this time at the same school. From then on, everything poured in. She enrolled in one of the best school in Singapore and was trained by Hollywood’s Master of Airbrush, Mr. Gary Lim of LCE School of Arts.

Things just got better for her and even more; she was able to work with professional photographers and coordinators in various events. She was also behind the hair and makeup of St. Luke’s Global and Quezon City advertisement, LD system products and Matstone wellness product. She headed hair and make up for Barbie Fashion Show at SM mall of Asia.



Being an expert in makeup artistry, she started to share her knowledge by offering trainings. She facilitated make up trainings in CED Training Company and joined Slam Event production as an assistant makeup artist and lecturer. She was also able to mentor hairstyling at Apex8 studio.

While forever grateful of what she has proven and achieved, she has finally decided to put up her own studio and makeup schools (Bulacan and Quezon City) to train makeup artist hopefuls and introduce beauty and wellness to women. She also conceptualized and designed affordable professional make up tools and organizers of good quality to help and revive the image of makeup artists.









*Get to know more of her and her schools by visiting her FB page @Donnabmakeupschool and her makeup tools on sale @promakeupgallery.


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