Thank that Woman

…who sleeps beside you and hugs you tight

…who prepares your coffee in the morning.

…who do the laundry every Fridays and cleans the whole house while taking care of the kids

…who cooks for you

…who works hard to bring food on the table because you’re not capable of doing so

…who nags at you but still love you even if you’re an idiot!

…who keeps and raises the baby on her own because you’re a coward

…who stays up late at night and patiently waits for you while you ended up partying with your friends!

…who arranges and fixes your mess

…who stands by you while you’re a work in progress.

…who sends you sweet nothings.

…who protects you from the people’s judging eyes.

…who is always proud to say that he’s MY GUY!

…who pays your debts

…who drinks with you

…who cuts and add colors to your hair

…who laughs and giggles at your corniest jokes

…who stays with you while your smells-like-rotten-egg fart explodes uncontrollably!

…who is there for you on your darkest hours

…who carries your child

…who doesn’t complain if you don’t have anything to give.

…who is there to always love you and support you all through the way


So thank her now and never take her for granted for tomorrow may be too late.


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