A Flair for Makeup

Let’s just say it’s also one of the things that I love just like most women would want to have or do. I remember the heydays when I was wearing thick makeups, heavy lashes and teased hair almost thrice a week for a photo shoot, go sees and the likes (feels like a celebrity huh?).  But as I became serious with finding my own career, I have forgotten it…almost. I mean I still wear makeup when going to work if I am not too busy or if there’s a special occasion I would just go to the salon or call a makeup artist to do it for me since I am into events planning and hosting industry, I need to wear makeup.


When I have changed my lifestyle and trying to really get a-good-sleep-at-night-kind-of routine, I just realized that maybe I should really make time to learn it and have a basic foundation somehow. It would make me feel even better instead of self-proclaiming that I can but basically I don’t have any backgrounds about it and I can’t even put it well on my own face and others.

Finally, after a month of preparing for the makeup palette’s and brushes that I will need, I gave in and enrolled myself in a school. After attending the classes, it opened my eyes to the things that I thought were okay but eventually realized that it’s a no, from identifying the purpose of the brushes, contouring, color combination, learning the shapes of faces, nose and a whole lot more.


It was awesome because I was enlightened by the things I have learned during the classes. The trainer was very humble and a down-to-earth makeup artist herself, Donna Bata Aquino who got her trainings abroad and now has her own make up studio and beauty school. (She will soon be featured in this blog as to how she started and the classes that she offers.)

I have picked up a few styles and was able to apply it even if it’s not too perfect yet and I should admit it. I am still in the amateur stage but based on what I believe in, experience is the best teacher. At least I had a good foundation now and enjoyed art in a different form.




If you have plans of pursuing this career, make an investment for quality makeup’s and brushes and also attend classes or workshops. Choose a good trainer that will give importance to every detail rather than bragging about what he had accomplished.

As for me, I have not thought of really becoming serious about it because it is still isn’t in my plans yet but perhaps in the future it can be used.

Finished product! Not too bad for a beginner 🙂

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