March Events

Latin Martius mensis “month of Mars” according to sources was the original beginning of the year and the time for resumption of war. In the Philippine’s modern society, March is the beginning of graduation rites and officially starts “summer” or dry season which made people crazy over swim wears and men’s trunks.

While all of these happened last month Your Wedding Heiress team with Alma San Pedro catering/Event styling kicked-off some events as the hottest months of summer had begun.

March 12 (Luke @ 7 –STAR WARS Themed Party)

Luke is a shy type boy according to his parents and the not-so-sociable kind of kid. His parents wanted to see him mingle with kids his age to somehow help him boost his self-esteem and since he’s very fond of “star wars” and has shown great skills using his Light saber it gave his parents an idea in regards to his party theme…and so it went and happened.

The kids enjoyed the party and had no idea that Darth Vader and the Clone troopers were also invited along with a spotlight and heart pounding special effects that our DJ had played plus the magician’s act that wowed the crowd!


March 13 (Harper’s 1st– Summer Solstice Themed Party)

What it feels like to enjoy seeing your one and only daughter enjoy her first birthday? Mommy Glaiza and her husband were OFW’s and had been away for a while. Since there were only few chances to really bond with their daughter, Mommy Glaiza made sure that she can make up to the lost times with her kid as she celebrated her first birthday.



March 13 (Marielle’s 18th– Shabby Chic Themed Debut)

MJ as what she’s usually called by many thought of something unique to suit her personality as she celebrated her 18th birthday. All were made possible including the program flow that she requested showcasing her youngest sister’s talent and hers along with the surprise fashion show of her guests that highlighted the said event.




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