Strawberry Shortcake: Matet @ 1

Nothing can beat a children’s party as they say regardless of its simplicity, kids would still love it. I had a chance to somehow play a little bit of planning with my niece’s first birthday party and why would I stop myself from doing so? *wink*


There were two parties for her that we had to put up since her mom is a teacher, she had the first celebration at home with adult guests mostly her co-teachers and with the help of my beloved supplier we came up with a very tidy and cute set up to welcome the guests with a touch of strawberry shortcake colors (#almasanpedrocatering).



The second party was held on a weekend at a nearby club house which was made especially for the kids to enjoy with games and a lot more mementos to take home. We had put up food carts that offered cotton candies, pearl shakes and ice creams all from #littledarlings.




It’s so true, parties might be costly sometimes but if you’re on a budget, there are still a lot of ways and things that you can do without spoiling the fun. If you have the budget, why not make it lavish your kid deserve it, anyway. 😉



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