Sweet Weddings of December

It has been observed that the peak season for weddings now in the Philippines are what we usually call “BER” months. As the countdown to Christmas begins come numerous booked weddings in venues and churches everywhere along side with unstoppable Christmas parties.

Here are a dose of the few wedding events that we have had for the month of December in cooperation with Dory’s Catering Services and Event Styling. It’s not a lot but just enough to feel the breeze of the season to be merry.


December 12, 2015 -Calderon-Sta.Cruz Wedding

From Singapore they have decided to tie the knot here in the Philippines instead. Their wedding was held on BarCIE International Hotel in City of Malolos, Bulacan. The planning stage was quite short but they were able to make their dream wedding come true in a short span of preparation while on a holiday vacation.


December 20, 2015- Tinagan-Catan Wedding

They were childhood friends and enemies but they ended up together. They met one summer holiday in Dumaguete when they were kids and has been seeing each other quite often as they grew older and become mature. No one has ever thought that they will soon become Mr. and Mrs. for real.


December 26, 2016-Domingo-Cervantes Wedding

A teacher as what they say is a perfect match for a mariner. Perhaps it’s true as Joseph and Sheryl finally decided to plight one’s troth on this day after Christmas. It is an incomparable feeling of happiness and love from the couple and surely a date that anyone can easily remember.



Got weddings but don’t know what to do?

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