Material Girl

I am a material girl and was really trying so hard. A little bit social climber sometimes just because I want to blend in to look more expensive. I came from a below average at times kind of family. I remember, I have joined some of the so-called ‘It Girls’ during my college years but in reality I was their maid and slave most of the time and just to fit in I have swallowed my pride.


I have grown up with always nothing left in my pocket. I have had gigs every now and then, to earn some. I have tried to work and would feel a little lazy then hop to another company. It has been a routine. I have wasted a few earnings. I have bought all the gadgets in the world because I thought it was a requirement and a must-have since I can see friends, strangers and celebrities brag about those on the internet. It looked pretty awesome to have such kind of lavish lifestyle. I got envious if they can travel places. I would see them have photographs in fancy cafeterias and restaurants. A click and a hash tag when you post it meant perfect for me even if in reality, that’s me being an idiot.


I had a chance to do the same and I have felt that I am the luckiest. I had to post expensive and branded items, went to a few Starbucks cafes and took photos of a macchiato, etc. even if I really don’t know what it is and what does it tastes like (just saw it in IG). I have loved bragging about what I can buy, where I have been to and what I can do because I thought I CAN AFFORD. I have showed my followers how happy and contented I am with my life.

Unfortunately, things suddenly changed and I didn’t know what happened to me. I am standing still with nothing but debts. The gadgets were in pawn and I struggle financially. No clear idea of how things would turn out and what’s more heartbreaking is that I have a baby in my tummy…yes, I am pregnant and hiding.





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Disclaimer: This essay has been written based on the author’s imagination, verbalization of the social status and behaviors of most people today with no malicious intent and was not patterned over someone else’s current situation.


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