Every bride wants her wedding to be fabulously perfect as much as possible and being around in this industry, I have seen pitfalls and success of weddings in different ways and forms. Knowing what you want and what to consider in planning for your wedding means a lot, whether you decide to hire a wedding planner or day-of coordinators.


Here are bits and pieces of some don’ts to think about when planning for your wedding:

  1. Don’t choose a church that is miles apart from the reception. You don’t want your guests to kick their heels for hours and I bet you would not like that either if you were in their position so be considerate. If you really must wed at your dream church, try your best to locate a nearby reception within the area or if it’s really impossible provide transportation somehow if you can and consider the never-ending traffic jam especially if you’re wedding is within the Metro.
  2. Don’t let parents overthrow your guests list. Before, parents would normally foot the bill and would often have the whole idea of how the party will be like and who will be the chosen guests but times have changed especially if you and your fiancé are in a budget. Ask both of your parent’s lists of invites in order of preference so you can cut it if you have to.
  3. Don’t be mad about Do-It-Yourself stuffs. There’s nothing wrong if you have the ‘real talent’ in making things on your own and if you are a hands-on type. Just don’t get crazy over it and stay awake until dawn. Bottom line is you are not a ‘wonder bride’ and you have to rest.
  4. Don’t be a bridezilla and treat your bridesmaids like slaves. They are your sisters, cousins, and best friends or future-in-laws who will stand by you and witness your vows during the solemn event. They are there to gather around you and help you with the hustles and bustles of your gown and veil but bridezillas, demand for more. They often ask their bridesmaids to run errands for them or expect them to shell out for expensive gowns for the wedding. Be more sensitive and show a little act of kindness. You don’t want to feel the same way too, do you?
  5. Don’t ask for a money gift. Money gift is never mandatory, remember that. Majority of the guests knew what to give you whether it’s money or a simple gift. Getting five electric fans or 3 rice cookers aren’t really a problem. The most important thing is that the thought is there. Your wedding is a celebration of love and not a bar that guests have to pay for their seats and charge them for the food that they have to eat, at least don’t make them feel that.
  6. Don’t forget your partner. Don’t just get stuck with wedding preparations alone. Give each other a hug every now and then. Talk about your life together over a cup of coffee. Besides, a wedding will only last for a day but getting married lasts a lifetime.



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