A Teacher’s Story

Teaching is not a job that excites me and just like other typical stories of teenagers struggling to look for a course in college I had difficulty in finding what I truly wanted. Taking up such course was more like a suggestion that I have considered out of respect to my late grandmother who was also a former teacher herself.

After I graduated from college, I didn’t pursue being a teacher simply because I have felt that it is not yet time for me to be one. I was influenced by working in a fast food chain instead for two years as a marketing officer/event organizer and loved it. It was really the best time for me and I want to stay there forever but of course, my parents didn’t want me too. They would still want me to find a career in teaching. I followed my heart though and landed to another job in a real estate company as an executive secretary to the developer. After a few years, I have figured out that it was not what I wanted and so I quit.


I have found myself in one of the most sought-after company in the Metro a few months later and built my career there for almost eight years. It was like a rat race but I was lucky enough and made it to top. I have forgotten to be a teacher.

Everything changed right after my 32nd birthday. I have left the company and realized that I have reached the ceiling of my career, it should be enough. I needed to say good-bye and packed up.

I ended up pursuing a career in teaching in a more modern way. I have reunited with my course finally after 11 years of running away from it. It was a great journey that made me comeback to the original.


Now, I get to share my experiences with my students just like a mimsy on a record player. Nothing is more special than to be a teacher and I should make emphasis on that, this time.

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3 thoughts on “A Teacher’s Story”

  1. I am a young teacher and I can not imagine to do something else than reaching young adorable children. Teaching can bring us to happiness. ..good luck to your carreer. Nice story.

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