An Artist to Watch: Julius Redillas

Often called as a new media artist and painter by many, Julius Redillas’ works are clear representation of a modern and contemporary art which had irrational and illusory appearance to showcase.

“I mimic documented subjects. I initially played on the idea of documenting documented things using references such as books, periodicals, torn pages from magazines, and my favorite, Googled images. Everywhere, we see things getting fixed and people being saved. I emphasize a world where everyone wants to be involved in the whole process, and its manipulated realism and truths”.




Disturbing, uncanny and a mess as it may seem to others, the imperfections of the said artworks were made to be perfect as he invigorate it with the use of watercolor as his medium while he reveal a few of the emotional and psychological effects of living in a world in rapid flux through broken colors of distorted images and shapes.




Creativity and consistency played a vital role in all of his masterpieces as he tried to create anew. Considerably a painter of modern life and a must watch artist of his generation.

* Check out his works and exhibit schedules on:

LOCATION: 145 Katipunan Avenue, St. Ignatius Village, Quezon City



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