An Event Planner’s Confession

Everybody wants the event of their lives to be unforgettable and sometimes to be sensational. I have witnessed and became part of enormous number of events over a decade and admittedly, each event has its own unique impact on me including the let’s say…tolerable dramas that can happen due to unforeseen circumstances.

In a perfect world, event planning has been categorized as a job that’s all about glitz and glamour. High-heeled shoes, sexy outfits and headsets like Jlo’s, however in the ‘real world’, I must say that it’s a little bit different in another way.

Planner on the go. Posted on my IG @teacher_szane.
Planner on the go. Posted on my IG @teacher_szane.

You may wonder why and think about how your planner’s do the job from scratch to-day of coordination execution.  Allow me to tell you how I do it:

  • I provide you the service that you need. I know that everybody else can do exactly the same things that I can do but in most times you don’t want to deal with stress and hassle in picking up the right stuff or getting into the suppliers. I do it for you first hand while you tell me what you need and how you wanted it.
  • I can provide you a big picture of how your event will be while discussing with you all the necessary things that we need for your party or if you don’t have any idea of what it will be like. I also don’t give false hopes and promises that both of us will soon regret.
  • I don’t tell you that I will personalize it but you will feel it right from the start.
  • I am flexible when it comes to your budget. We can always meet halfway.
  • I don’t treat myself as a guest neither nor my coordinators during your party. We are there to make sure that everything’s settled, if the food is ready or the event host and so on. Don’t worry about us because we are having a great time and to see you the happiest is our goal.
  • I am ready for catastrophes that may arise during the event and most of the time, you would not notice it. Rest assured that it will be well-taken care of and will be handled professionally.
  • I endorse all the gifts, food leftovers and souvenirs to you before I leave. I see to it that all of it was packed for you so you can take it home unless you decide to give it all out. Your wish is definitely my command.
Prepping up the ceremonial items for a bride.
Prepping up the ceremonial items for a bride.

At the end of it all, I am at my best to make you feel satisfied and get what your money’s worth. Keep in mind that a good planner will help you save your money and tells you the real deal because everything is negotiable in this business.

You may not need a planner today but you may want to consider one in the future.


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