ZUMBA for a Cause

Zumba as we all know has grown quickly to be one of the most popular group exercise dance classes that we have today. It started by mistake by a Colombian trainer Alberto ‘Beto’ Perez in mid 90’s and was named as Rumbacize which made it an instant hit. In 1999, he brought Rumbacize in Miami where it has gained its fame soon after and was renamed as zumba.

It was a blast and seem like everyone had fallen madly for it. It was intended for anyone who wants to try it regardless of the age, size, background or sexual orientation. No skills in dancing are necessary. They say that if you can shake your booty then, this  is for you.


While everybody enjoys the craze, there were a few who tailored it for a cause and I had a chance to participate in one activity with the same purpose through an invitation of a high school friend  last Saturday, May 16th in City Walk, Badminton Court, City of Malolos. The organizers of this event rooted such idea to help a friend who was terminally ill to somehow make him feel better and lessen his worries.


It was heart-pounding while your hip rotate to cha cha, merengue, salsa and hip hop. The instructors have such compelling energies from start to finish and had created a non-intimidating atmosphere while everyone savored the moment.


The beneficiary on the other hand, had no clear idea that the activity was intended for him. He was emotional and overwhelmed at the end of the program while expressing his gratefulness for the all the efforts that were made especially for him.


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