Bahama Mama

My mother was no ordinary from her looks to her ways. She came from a foreign country which will define our features, as well. She was married to my father for 33 years now. Their relationship was just like the others, love-hate or hate-love but at the end of the day they are still together.


As I aged, I have seen how she tried her best to adapt to a different culture she was not really used to. She made common mistakes and was laughed at but she was still beautiful. A head turner everywhere as she does her ‘nanay’ duties from cleaning the backyard, to raising chickens (which is my dad’s addiction) and to run errands every day. Day by day, she amuses and amazes everyone with her accent using the vernacular. 10941458_321441931377640_5244969115439022256_n


She’s snobbish and temperamental if she’s exhausted but can be hyperactive if she wants to. She’s  not materialistic but satisfied with what she has. She knew how to treat everybody well with genuine respect and I have never seen her talk about someone behind her back. She’s quiet and easy to deal with that’s why everybody looks for her during family occasions.


She’s wonderful or should I say quintessential for us. She can drive us crazy but that’s okay, she’s our mother anyway.

“Happy mother’s day to our bahama mama or nanay foreignay rolled into one. You were such a captivating woman to our tatay and the most admiring mother to us. We can’t thank you enough for all the things that you have given for free. Our love for you is not just up to the moon and back but hardcore and will get stuck in your bone marrow. Stay beautiful and live longer. We love you and we’ll take care of you until your last breath”.


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