It has been a year since we have lost my father-in-law.  I remember the times when my husband and I would meet him on the streets going home while walking with his backpack after a hard day’s work. I have known him as a very simple man, who will just be happy with a bottle of beer and a cigarette stick on his hand. He was a masterly cook, a couch potato at times and a troubadour while strumming his guitar.

Photo taken from Jam’s FB

I have seen how he loved his family more than anything else, it was peerless. His life was nothing extravagant and he was a very humble person all the time. He became my father’s compadre and my family liked him a lot. Until, right after my father’s 64th birthday, he became very ill and was soon taken to the hospital. He has undergone an operation to save his life which apparently didn’t work out the way we have expected it to be. It was the saddest grief for the entire family and for them, he was irreplaceable.

Photo taken from Jam’s IG

It was just like yesterday, as we reckoned those times when everybody was crying in deep pain and sorrow. It was a loss but of course, not the end. We knew that he would be happier to see that his family has overcome that heart-rending moment though it was the hardest thing to do.



Today, as we drop the veil, we would remember him as one caring father, uncle and a friend. He’s not just an ordinary father-in-law for me, he’s also my dad.

“Thank you for granting all my special requests, Tatay Ed. Everyone misses you”.


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