We KENT Stop Loving You (A fight for cancer)

They say that a family is a circle of strength joined in love and faith that God has kept together forever. Thus, they stand beside you through hardships and trials. Problem may arise but they will always be there for you no matter what and embraces you for who you are, wholeheartedly.

I would like to share with you a story of a young and a very talented boy just like Van Goh, Raphael and Rembrant in-the-making. His name is Kent Halston Sergio Ballecer. Born on 9th of May 1998, he is a 16-year-old freshman in Far Eastern University taking up Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts major in Advertising. Once called by his relatives as “bilog” when he was still a baby, simply adored by his relatives because he was a cute and a chubby little boy who literally was like a shape of a circle. And just like other teens of his age, he’s into swimming and playing volleyball.


It was very evident that he has a huge passion for drawing, photography and DIY projects that were posted on his facebook and instagram accounts (IG: IKEEENSTOP FB: Kent Ballecer).

His selfless and unconditional love has been felt greatly by the people around him from his family, relatives and friends. No wonder that almost all of his classmates were his “best friends”.




It was last April 2014 when Kent was diagnosed by the doctors to have a tumor at stage 1 in one of his testicles. Unfortunately, the doctors were surprised that in just four months the mass that were removed have spread cancer already in his body and it was elevated to stage 4 this August 2014.


Despite of being ill, the family have seen how Kent is trying to hold onto his faith all for the love of his loved ones who were always there for him before this has ever happened. He went into coma last Saturday night but has woken up while communicating through hand gestures according to his aunt. They ‘KENT’ stop loving him and they ‘KENT’ give up now while continued prayers are needed.



I don’t know Kent personally but only through his loving aunt Daisy Ballecer-Anzures who shared his story with me. I have felt he was a blessing in disguise for his family and for others and one of their sources of happiness. He posted this quote on his instagram: Happiness is…knowing that in a parallel universe, most likely, you’re a superhero. I knew that’s what he was made for. For those who know and would like to see him, he is currently admitted at Philippine Children’s Medical Center, Quezon City.  Anyone who would like to share their blessings with him can send it through:


Mrs. Joy Ballecer (Kent’s mother) mobile: 090667350028

RCBC Legaspi Village Branch
Acct. # 9007550331

For overseas donations:

Any help you can give will be highly and greatly appreciated by Ballecer family and may God bless you.


(** photos were taken from his IG and FB account with his relatives permission)

I have seen an update from Mrs. Joy Ballecer wall on her FB account that Kent already passed away.

Kent‘s remains will be at ST PETERS CHAPELS T.SORA. Viewing will start tomorrow Aug 27 1pm. Thank you to all who sympathize and the concern. — with Dexter Ballecer.


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