As we all know, women like wearing make ups. A perfect lipstick and eyeliner can make them more attractive and even look presentable. It enhances natural beauty, a daily essential vitamin to some perhaps, while for others, it simply something they can’t live without.


It’s quite surprising nowadays, due to social media’s popularity, make up transformations become a notion. It doesn’t matter who you are and where you come from. Everyone seems to be influenced and has joined the famous #makeuptransformation bandwagon.

This topic has been flooding social networking sites from people’s posts of their own version of makeup transformation tricks to achieve another look of a person they want to mimic.


Indeed #makeuptransformation, just like any other craze has caught everyone’s attention.

True as it can be…soon it will just vanish in one snap of a finger but then again, no one can deny that it is a big hit involving millions or billions of fanatics.  It is okay to mimic or copy and even pretend that you are ‘that’ person with your own magic trick for as long as it is entertaining and creates positive vibes for others.


However, at the end of the day, respect for other people should be the top priority.


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