Sliced Tocino

It was a cloudy day, traffic jam in Makati on a Tuesday morning. I was late for a meeting but lucky enough that my co-writers waited for me before they even started. We decided to have breakfast while thinking on what to write for our next issue and its theme. We went to a restaurant near the office and ordered the specials for the day. We had spam, bacon, mushroom, egg and the famous “tocino”, an all day’s breakfast, as what’s written on the menu.

We had lots of things that we talked about, people, and issues in and outside the office; events and the likes or whatever comes to mind. We were happy, laughing and giggling. After a few minutes, the food that we ordered came. My eyes are glowing as the waitress served my spam. We ate and had laughs as we all crack jokes as we think of topics to write.


All of a sudden to our surprise, the tocino slipped out of the plate. I was not able to catch it. It fell on the floor, that big slice of it. Our friend’s face frowned and she looked so upset with it. It’s lying down the floor, so innocent yet looked mouth-watering. As I keep on staring at it, I realized that life is sweet and juicy like this “tocino” yet if you will not be careful in slicing it, it will just slipped, gone on your plate and regret that it’s too late before you could’ve saved it, “poor meat”. She should have held it with her hands and ate it. I looked at her worried face. I could not stand it and share my remaining spam so that she has something to eat. I can’t help myself to ignore the piece of meat on the floor. I got a tissue and picked it up. I put it on my plate instead. I didn’t remove the tissue around it for I might mistakenly eat it. I ate what’s left of me and drank the water. I felt so full.

When all of us finished eating, we ended up making themes, assigned topics and created a timeline for the articles with the “deadliest” deadline before the month ends. We have lots of things to do, lots of things to write about on a lighter side and reminiscing good old days. We decided to leave the place before lunchtime so that we could rest and go to work in the evening. As I go back to my apartment. I can’t help myself to think and laugh at that “tocino”. It’s weird, really weird. It’s been 24 hrs yet I still can’t get over it. The time it jumped out on the plate and fell without control. When I held it up and merely stare at it for a moment before I placed it on my plate, I began to think of life and opportunities that comes along. Once you have that “chance” be careful and take good care of it because you’ll never know what will happen next. You might end up regretting that you almost had it but it was too late. I don’t know if I’m making any sense at all because of that piece of meat or it’s just my friend’s facial expression? Oh well, life is still sweet even if there’s a lot of heartaches and disappointments that we always encounter. If you would get a chance to get your slice, just grab it and don’t let go.



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