A Daughter’s Note


My dad was not my best friend nor am I the apple of his eye. He was the greatest villain of all time all throughout my growing up years. He was strict, overprotective and conservative kind of man which were often misunderstood by his children including myself.
But as I became mature, I have realized one thing, my dad was a faithful and a loyal husband to my mom ever since. Seldom have we heard relationships lasts almost forever after marriage, but I guess, theirs has a real happy ending that I have seen since I was little while hoping that someday I would have the same story to share.
One once said “the most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother” and I am proud to say I have a father like that whom which I would never ever get tired of saying…thank you “tay”, for loving our “nanay”.

*featured image: www.flickr.com


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